Commanders Field Parking

To make sure your visit is easy, it’s good to plan ahead when it comes to parking! Here is a comprehensive list of information that will help you with parking at Commanders Field.

The venue provides plenty of parking, with eight official parking lots in the area in the stadium’s nearby vicinity. Prices differ based on distance parked to the stadium itself. On game days, Commanders Field official parking is exclusively offered on a first come, first serve basis. Alternative parking options are available within a 15-minute walk of the venue, which may be reserved in advance of the game.

Please ensure to arrive early, especially if aiming to park in FedEx’s official lots. Aim to be at the venue at least half an hour before your show or game, leaving time for traffic and delays in addition to finding parking, visiting the restroom, purchasing food and drink and finding your seats.

commanders field parking

Permit parking

All parking permits for Commanders Field are valid for one parking space. You will find this space designated to a specific color and letter lot. Each lot has a designated roadway for entry. It’s important to enter the correct roadway to access your designated spot. If you fail to do this, you may be redirected.

If you have purchased a parking permit, you need to ensure that your permit is prominently displayed at all times while parked. If you don’t, you run the risk of getting your vehicle towed at your expense.

You can also pre-purchase single-game parking permits online.

Accessible parking

Like permit parking, accessible parking spaces are available in designated lots. You can find these by taking a look at the stadium map. Parking attendants will help individuals with Purple, Orange, or Green parking passes and a valid state-issued handicap parking permit or license plate to these areas.

If you need additional support, there is gold cart transportation assistance available. You can access this service by calling 301-276-6100, or by texting SAFE to 703-266-6263.

Parking Lots

1. Orange Lot G2
Arena Drive
0.07 miles – 2 minute walk

2. Lot E Platinum
1800 Redskins Road
0.16 miles – 4 minute walk

3. Green Lot F3
Arena Drive
0.15 miles – 3 minute walk

4. Orange Lot F2
Arena Drive
0.09 miles – 2 minute walk

5. Purple Permit Parking
Arena Drive
0.06 miles – 2 minute walk