Commanders Field

Formerly FedEx Field

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Commanders Field

Commanders Field, formerly known as FedEx Field, is a football stadium in the state of Maryland. Home to the legendary Washington Commanders football team, it has become an important part of the cultural heritage of North America. Going to see a game or event here is an unforgettable experience!

First opened in 1997, the stadium has gone through many iterations. It was first called the Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, then the Redskins Stadium, then the FedEx Field. Today, it proudly bears the name Commanders Field while the next sponsorship deal is made.

The stadium prides itself on a history of legendary performances and moments out on the gridiron. It has been the location for countless classic games and historic football moments. From college football games to legendary NFL showdowns, this stadium has witnessed everything.

Commanders Field, Maryland, is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to make sure every visit is unforgettable for fans. In the stadium, you’ll find comfortable seats, great sightlines and high-quality sound systems. More than this, the stadium’s spacious concourses and vibrant atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for pre- and post-game celebrations.

Owned by the Washington football team, Commanders Field serves as more than just a stadium in the local area – it’s a meeting point that brings the community and people from across the world together. Over the years, it has launched various outreach programs and initiatives, giving a sense of unity and pride for fans and residents.

Throughout this site, we’re going to explore everything you’ll need to know as a visitor to Commanders Field. Whether you’re a seasoned Commanders fan or going to see the excitement of game day for the first time, it can be handy to get an overview of the Washington Commanders stadium before your visit.

Head on over to the Commanders Field Events page to see what’s on!

Washington Commanders

Now’s the time to come see The Washington Commanders (formerly known as the Redskins) live in action. Washington is gearing up and ready to go for what may be a record-setting season after Head Coach Jay Gruden recruited draft pick hopefuls like Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins Jr. Gruden has worked with his coaching staff to develop a game plan that may break the 7-9 records from the past seasons and return to the record setting greatness that has helped the franchise record over 600 season and postseason wins. Will the Washington Commanders make their first playoff bid in years? Many sports commentators and tens of thousands of Commanders fans believe that this will be the season, where Washington wins their race for the playoffs.



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